Contextual Wrappers 2

packaging University museum collections information as part of open metadata provision

Final Post?

The project has provided invaluable insight into open data and resource disocvery issues for University Museums and the use of collection descriptions to aid this; resulting in some important improvements to aggregation services and the development of new interfaces to present and promote these exceptional collections to higher education and other audiences.  A summary follows:


The project has produced:

Lessons – see

Opportunities and Possibilities

Two immediate opportunities spring to mind as the project ends:

Firstly, it would seem apt for a next stage to be a programme of content development to support University Museums, (not already in Culture Grid), to be aggregated and thus make use of the fully functioning prototype search for UK University Museums, (developed to meet the needs of users in this domain).  This would provide a major resource for research, learning, teaching and collections management and an excellent promotional and advocacy tool for University Museums.

Secondly, the close association with the Open Book project has highlighted the potential benefits for associating research output data with collection descriptions, and further developments in this area would be welcome.

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