Contextual Wrappers 2

packaging University museum collections information as part of open metadata provision

Wrappers on the road again – Focus Group Report

The series of Wrappers Focus Groups culminated at UCL 23rd May.

Positive responses where received regarding the Wrappers approach of ‘guided’ resource discovery of museum collections and open licensing of resource discovery data, with a number of further issues raised for the project to consider in these and other areas.

Very useful feedback was also given for features to include within the prototype discovery services for UK University Museums and the new Culture Grid search, which the project team assessed at a meeting 1st June and will now take forward into the final phase of developments.

Our thanks go to all who took part in the focus groups at University College London and the Universities of Swansea and Cambridge.  Full report attached:  Wrappers 2 Focus Group Report.


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