Contextual Wrappers 2

packaging University museum collections information as part of open metadata provision

Wrappers on the road

Not a complaint to the Keep Britain Tidy campaign, but a series of focus groups that has seen the project on the road (or rather the rails) to engage with collection managers, academics, researchers and learners re the Wrappers approach and interface developments so far.

And so far so good it seems, with lots of positive responses to the use of collections descriptions to aid resource discovery, especially for potential future join-up with information about research outputs, which is an idea that has come through the ‘sister’ Open Book project.  Support for open licensing of resource discovery data and use of terminology services has also been evident.

Two Focus Groups have taken place so far: one at the project’s home-base, The Fitzwilliam, which included people from across University of Cambridge collections and one at The Egypt Centre, University of Swansea, which had a strong contingent from subject specialists in Egyptology and Swansea FC.

The Swansea session gave very good feedback on desired search features and the visit provided lots of inspiration from the wonderful Egypt Centre collection and its staff, who enthusiastically encourage people to explore and engage with the collection in a hands-on way to gain direct insight into Ancient Egyptian culture.

Fuller reports of the findings from these Focus Groups will be available alongside those from the next Focus Group at UCL, 23rd May 2pm.  There are still places available for the UCL session, so keen blog readers who wish to attend should get in touch.


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