Contextual Wrappers 2

packaging University museum collections information as part of open metadata provision

Monthly Archives: December 2011

Fitzwilliam Visit

So to kick off this week, Phill, David and Katie met at The Fitzwilliam to discuss developments with Wrappers 2. There is some interesting work to be done with scoping out the extent of the University Museum collections records currently held within Culture Grid.

One of the project tasks is to identify contacts within the University Museums Group and investigate the areas that the project should cover through the use of a survey. The survey intends to cover the issues of:

–          Who they are

–          Would they be interested in taking part in a workshop

–          Information about the respondents/University Museums

–          Information about UM collections & item records

–          Info about access to these records

–          The users of the records

–          Information about the controlled vocabulary used/wanted

–          Responses to licensing ‘resource discovery’ records as open data

–          Responses to the ‘Wrappers’ approach

–          Requirements needed for a UM search service/responses to UMiS/Fitzwilliam beta

–          Who are the end users

Once the results are back from this survey, workshop materials will be produced and a consultation report drafted.

Look out for when the survey goes live, hopefully we will get some useful and creative responses, a geat day at The Fitzwilliam!